I am 40 years old and proud to be born in Yorkshire.
I have competed in both Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing disciplines and am now an established professional boxing trainer based in London.
Perseverance, commitment and resilience have driven me to succeed but strength and bravery is not always the solution.

For 13 years I worked as a London fire-fighter, and I was exposed to many situations that contributed to early retirement from a distinguished service.

Needless to say the many extreme moments and terrible injuries I had to witness inevitably became detrimental to my mental health, and I left the service on the grounds of stress. The experience of bottling up my emotions through misplaced “bravado” and then managing to come out the other side, stronger and being able to communicate openly, gave me a lot of empathy for my chosen charity. Movember treats men with physical and mental health problems – they save lives and I want to help them save more by demonstrating that anyone can confront difficult stuff in life and reduce the barriers that stop you taking on the tough times.

By entering the Atlantic Challenge I want to prove to people that anything is possible – and my “anything” is trying to set a new world record time for rowing solo. My work as a trainer allows me to help people overcome many things and has made me believe in “the power of one” to change things – now I can help to change men’s attitudes to confronting their health issues by partnering with Movember.

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